Stelling & Associates Architects, Ltd. offers a full range of architectural services on many diverse building types.  The functional uses of the buildings vary from new, restored, repurposed, remodeled or expanded.  Each type of project has its own unique steps from start to finish and every client has differing needs for the services of an architect. We approach each project individually evaluating architectural services required; an analysis of existing conditions; a program for current needs or designs for the future. Stelling & Associates Architects’ mission is to identify a process to achieve a successful conclusion.



Information is sometimes the most valuable piece to a client’s puzzle. Often we hear from a client who needs answers to architectural questions in order to make an informed decision on what may or may not be possible for their specific project. An example is when a decision to invest or not to invest in a property is dependent on the potential to use or change in use that the client has envisioned.

Stelling & Associates analyzes a property and researches the building codes and zoning regulations to determine if it is feasible for the desired use, and helps define the extent of investment required to make a building suitable for their use.

Our design team and consultants have experience in the area of architectural design using lean manufacturing, or lean production principles. Collaborating with our own consultants from the world of lean production, we’ve helped companies improve their facilities to maximize the potential of both production and office spaces while outlining potential of expansion of existing or in some cases new facilities.

Mixed Use / Multi-Family Residential

The recent trend toward apartment or condominium living among diverse age groups who previously would seek out single-family homes has changed the housing landscape significantly. The people and families who consider these multi-family dwellings now expect more than a simple, no-frills residence, and they look for buildings that offer extensive amenities with a location near the social and cultural venues they enjoy. Potential tenants and buyers of units in this market look for unique architectural design that distinguishes one property from the next.

Stelling & Associates designs mixed-use and multi-family residential projects, ranging from interior renovations, to the developing mixed-use apartment complex in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and another in Shorewood with five and six stories, multi-floor units and retail/office space at the street level. Our design team’s experience with a variety of building construction types gives them the knowledge base to create functional, efficient designs that are also inviting.

Historic Restoration

Restoration work, particularly projects involving buildings of historic significance such as those on the National Register of Historic Places, can be difficult from the standpoint of rules and regulations. They are very rewarding because they adapt buildings for use today while preserving their historical character for future generations.

Stelling & Associates Architects Ltd. has completed several restorations on properties as varied as a 19th century storefront façade in a downtown historical district to an extensive report on the conditions and maintenance recommendations for a significant 19th century mansion on the shores of Geneva Lake, Wisconsin, that is currently operated as a historical museum.

Our design team has the experience to guide you through the many opportunities and rules governing the development /restoration/rehabilitation to a property of historic significance, or within a historic district with regulations governing architectural alterations.

Architectural Custom Home

The design team at Stelling & Associates recognizes that an architectural custom home is more than a set of drawings. The architectural home is an important component of our client’s life. There is a vast list of decisions and considerations that need to be reviewed before design even begins. The need to design the home for the specific site begins by considering the terrain, views, sun angles and prevailing winds. All of these considerations enhance the finished architectural home.

We often find that a client is overwhelmed by the vast array of styles, finishes and materials that are presented in home design magazines, websites and television shows. Our architects pride themselves on listening closely to the client and distilling all of the visual information provided throughout the design process. We educate the client about the differences in price and construction quality as well as the types of materials and construction methods, as we strive to represent the client’s best interests when they’re working with a builder.

By continuously educating ourselves with the latest innovations in architectural home design, from cutting-edge technologies to interior layout trends to improved energy efficiency, our goal is to incorporate new ideas that add value while always relying on tried and true architectural and construction details that have been tested by time.

No matter the size or style of home, we strive to collaboratively design with our custom home clients so the completed result is the home of their dreams exceeding their expectations.


The hospitality industry is a growing and evolving sector. Hotels today are rarely just a number of guest rooms with a meeting hall and pool area attached, but an environment that offers diverse activities to guests, including gyms, wellness spas, destination restaurants and corporate meeting facilities.

Stelling & Associates has experience with the design of new hotels and the remodeling and renovation of existing buildings. We strive to help our clients meet their goal of providing a great experience for their guests. Our design team has worked on hospitality projects that range in scale from small bed and breakfast-style inns to designing a property for a large international hotel chain. Our combined experiences with these varied projects allows us to take on hospitality projects of all sizes with the confidence that we can deliver design that will enhance both employee and guest experiences.


The successful restaurants offer more than just quality food, they strive to stand out from the competition by offering an environment that creates an overall memorable experience. People who dine regularly – the “foodies” as they’re called – are as likely to comment on the design of a restaurant, bar or banquet hall as on the food itself. Customers are looking for that total experience where they are thoroughly enjoying their surroundings as they dine.

Our design team at Stelling & Associates has assisted owners with improving their businesses by creating designs that have visual impact and give that memorable first impression that is vital to any successful operation. From remodeling interiors to plans for an entirely new establishment, our experience designing for the restaurant industry gives us the knowledge base to serve our clients regardless of the type of establishment, from coffee shops to fine dining restaurants. Stelling & Associates strives to help its clients create an experience that has guests coming back time and again.

Interior Remodeling, Change of Use, Rehabilitation and/or Restoration

Interior projects are often not only about new trends, colors and surface treatments they encompass modifications to a structure as a result of interior remodeling, change of use, rehabilitation and/or restoration. The design possibilities are nearly endless. Stelling & Associates uses its architectural, engineering and interior design knowledge to work with clients to develop a program. By listening to their ideas and needs we guide them to accomplish what they have envisioned, not only visually, but in a structurally sound manner and according to code. Stelling & Associates’ experience in interior remodeling projects, both commercial and residential, is extensive from “open concept” living space, to large interior build-outs of commercial properties that involve extensive code compliance requirements.


The manufacturing industry is in a constant push to improve efficiencies and stay on top of technological advances. Facilities that are well designed and suited to the company’s needs are a critical component in the overall success of an organization.

Stelling & Associates has worked with manufacturing companies in the improvement and expansion of their facilities. From local industry to companies that maintain facilities around the world, our design team has helped companies create building environments that lead to improvements in both production areas and office environments. We also offer consulting in the area of lean manufacturing/production. We are continually improving the architectural designs for the manufacturing environment.

Corporate Headquarters

Corporate headquarters serve as more than just office space. The architectural designs of corporate headquarters are increasingly being treated as another facet of corporate branding. As a company’s main business hub, a headquarters building and campus should ideally convey something about the corporate philosophy of the organization.

Will the design of the facility suggest that a business is growing, forward thinking and on the cutting edge? Does it present an image of a company that operates regionally, nationally, or internationally? Is something about the product or service provided reflected in the architectural design? These are just a few of the questions that we at Stelling & Associates take into consideration when designing corporate facilities.

Our projects involve using architecture as part of the overall brand image. A corporate client came to us for assistance in developing an architectural prototype for their office and manufacturing facilities worldwide. They have successfully used this architectural master plan to develop buildings in diverse locations around the globe that are instantly recognizable.


The importance of branding has become increasingly important in the world of architectural design for automotive facilities. It is no longer adequate to simply put the automakers logo on a sign along with the dealer’s name in front of a generic building. The current trend is for dealerships to have facilities that are architecturally designed according to a corporate prototype parameters based on the automotive brand.

Stelling & Associates has designed automotive facilities required to conform to extensive design standards governing every aspect of design, from the materials and colors allowed to the size of showroom floors. Coordinating the needs of the client with the requirements of the corporate prototype, in addition to code and ordinance requirements is a complex process that is best handled by a design team that has been through the process successfully.

In addition to automotive facilities, we have designed corporate office and automotive service facilities for dealerships.


At Stelling & Associates we believe that sound architectural design of civic facilities plays a vital role in a community’s success. Our projects in this sector have also been among the most gratifying to work on. We know that these buildings serve and benefit the community as a whole. We have been proud to work on projects in the city where our firm is located and feel we have contributed to improving the amenities the city has to offer its citizens.

Working with the city to develop and implement a master plan for its Riverwalk has transformed underutilized former industrial lands along the river into a scenic parkway that connects people to the riverfront and the many projects that have since been developed nearby.

One of these projects is Veterans Terrace at Echo Park, which our design team helped transform from a small and underutilized community VFW meeting and banquet facility into a large events facility that has become a regionally successful venue for corporate meetings, weddings and events of all types. The existing facility, originally built by several local veterans organizations, had become cramped and obsolete. Many envisioned this as a prime setting in the heart of the city.

Our design team proposed an extensive interior remodeling of the existing building and a significant addition to create a main banquet hall for large events and quaint spaces for smaller events, plus a redesign of the exterior that dramatically changed its appearance, resulting in a facility that is bustling with activity year-round.


Stelling & Associates has designed financial services facilities, from retail banking branch locations to corporate headquarters. Each new project is a different challenge as the financial industry adopts new technologies that require new architectural design strategies.

Corporate branding dictates architectural design is also the norm in the industry. This often results in a complex balancing act between the requirements of the corporate client and those of the municipality in which the project is located. Having guided many projects through this process successfully puts our design team in a great position to provide efficient and cost effective architectural services.


Stelling & Associates recognizes the importance of incorporating the many elements that make for a successful working environment, such as work place efficiency, function, accessibility, comfort and visual appeal. Whether a new building, additional space or an interior remodeling, our primary goal is to bring into the design the wants and needs of those who will be using the space, so we collaborate with the client at every step of the process. With design trends, technologies and products constantly changing, we look for new and innovative ways to create dynamic office environments that people enjoy.


Designing an effective retail environment involves more than producing efficient layouts and code-compliant designs, but also taking into consideration the branding and image the retailer wants or must have to promote. Technology, lighting, acoustics, colors and materials need to come together in a cohesive design that fits with the company’s brand and creates a unique and enjoyable experience for both employees and customers.

Stelling & Associates has designed retail projects using these design principles and we firmly believe that well-conceived design will contribute to retail success. Our experience includes designing entirely new facility and spaces or remodeled retail environments for changes in uses across all possibilities ranging from automotive to sporting goods sales.

Health & Wellness

Society has become increasingly aware of the importance of health and wellness. The decision to select providers that differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition by offering thoughtfully designed facilities for their patients/clients.

Health and wellness facilities need to offer more than just practical space for patients, clients and employees; they need to be welcoming and inviting environments that are also calming. The staff at Stelling & Associates has worked closely with our clients to provide services in many sectors of the health and wellness industry. Our experience includes designing space for medical, dental, optometry and rehabilitation services clinics. Gymnasiums, exercise facilities, spas and yoga studios are also included in our wellness portfolio. This illustrates the diversity of design experiences we can bring to a project.

We understand the vital importance of staying current on code and licensing requirements that change constantly in the health care industry, and to be aware of new technologies and materials to improve health and wellness facility environments every day.

We have designed veterinary care clinics and hospitals, their design requirements for veterinary hospitals and clinics share many similarities with medical hospitals and clinics, there are so many differences unique to the veterinary health care world that we feel confident our experience is beneficial to our client.


Education is an important part of life in our communities, and we at Stelling & Associates believe strongly that good design of educational facilities can contribute to academic success. From new to redesigning classroom spaces to meet changing needs, to designing major additions to athletic facilities or auditorium functions, we have experience in collaborating with our educational clients to improve academic and extracurricular environments.

Our design team has also successfully completed master plans for entire campuses, including athletic field sports complexes that include football stadiums, baseball fields, grandstands, press boxes, restrooms and concessions facilities.


Stelling & Associates recognizes that spirituality and faith can be such an important part of life for individuals and communities, so we take pride in having assisted a variety of faith-based groups improving their existing facilities or providing new facilities to meet their needs.

The design process for religious buildings is a collaborative process that draws from the input of many people; therefore it can be difficult to arrive at a consensus. We put special emphasis on listening to all concerned during the planning stages. By paying close attention to the variety of ideas proposed, our main goal is to create a design that exceeds expectations and meets the needs of a congregation for years to come.

Sports and Recreation

Facilities for sports and recreation enrich a community by providing venues for people to exercise and socialize, attend their children’s sporting events, participate in a sports league, or any number of other activities.

Stelling & Associates Architects has experience in designing exercise facilities, gymnasiums, parks for outdoor recreation and outdoor athletic fields. This experience, and our ability to remain current on the trends and technological changes that impact architectural design in these areas has allowed us to provide successful designs to our clients.


The arts is a broad category that encompasses many styles of entertainment and therefore a wide variety of building types. It is very rewarding to work on projects that allow artists to practice and present their craft, and Stelling & Associates has had the pleasure of designing a variety of arts-related facilities. Among these projects is an art gallery, and a school auditorium for musical and theatrical performances.

Our design team understands that in addition to creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing space, we are entrusted with designing a functional space that offers comfort, good traffic flow, accessibility and flexibility. We have a team that includes lighting, acoustic and technology consultants who can bring their expertise in these areas into the design of performance spaces.